Fast Forward to v0.5.1

Just small changes this week. Give the new Fast Forward behavior a try; it helps to be able to quickly press and release the key to double the game speed. This is actually how I had a development-tool shortcut set-up, and since it just felt better, I made the Fast-Forward button function the same way while preserving it's "click-to-toggle" functionality.

Orbit: Satellite Defense is on track for it's release date of March 26th, 2018 grab the game now while it's still at an Early Access discount!

v0.5.1 Release Notes:

  • Fast Forward:
    • Speed increased to 60 FPS
    • Holding "F" key makes the game fast-forward, pressing and releasing still toggles speed
  • Fixed
    • Swarm Rockets loading at wrong scale / particle type
    • Campaign level 5-5
      • Warning about Asteroids not shown
      • Issue generating Save files


OrbitSatelliteDefense v0.5.1 PC zip 26 MB
Mar 13, 2018

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