Orbit: Satellite Defense v0.4 Live!

Orbit: Satellite Defense v0.4 is now available on itch.io! The new version of the game brings with it a host of major changes:

  • Campaign Mode: 4 Planets, 5 levels each!
  • Satellite Manual Targeting Updates:
    • Missile Satellite: Multi-Target Ability
    • Laser Satellite: Damage Boost
    • Railgun Satellite: Range Boost
    • Solar Satellite: Boost Rate of Fire of other Satellites
    • Healer Satellite: Heal other Satellites
  • Magnetic Mine Satellite: Used to clear Space Junk and damage enemies
  • Planetary Powers:
    • Overshield: Protect your planet from all damage
    • Healing Wave: Restore all Satellites to full HP
    • Scanner Pulse: Anticipate incoming enemies
  • Enemy Re-balancing
  • Additional usability improvements for Mouse / Keyboard interface

This is far from the version of BGP Orbit that released for Mobile back in 2013.

Look forward to new features, levels, and game-modes coming in future updates!


Orbit: Satellite Defense 0.4.0 ZIP 25 MB
Jan 14, 2018

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