Unlimited Endless Mode! v0.4.5

Mostly internal updates to Orbit: Satellite Defense this week. For a taste of how OSD used to play, check out the new "Unlimited" Endless Mode which lets you construct as many of each type of Satellite as you want. I no longer regard this to be the ideal way to play Orbit, but it is a unique way of playing the game, and I didn't want to crop it out entirely for those who prefer it.

v0.4.5 Release Notes:

  • Updated Manual to include more details about Campaign Scoring
  • Score pop-up; when an enemy is defeated, the number of points it was worth is shown
  • Reclassified "Challenge Modes" as additional "Endless" Modes; "Challenges" will be added later, and will not be Endless (or random)
  • Added New Endless Mode: Unlimited
    • No limit on the number of Satellites which can be produced
    • Shield Satellite can be built

Look forward to another update next week!


Orbit: Satellite Defense 0.4.5 ZIP 25 MB
Feb 20, 2018

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