Level Objectives! v0.4.4

This latest build of Orbit: Satellite Defense is a major milestone towards online leaderboards. This required an exhaustive amount of play-testing and restructuring, but each level has been evaluated and given 3 score thresholds which you can try to reach to earn a 3-Star rating. 

v0.4.4 Release Notes:

  • Significant restructure of the following levels to ensure they can be played to perfection
    • Level 2-2
    • Level 2-3
    • Level 3-2
    • Level 3-3
    • Level 3-4
    • Level 3-5
    • Level 4-1
    • Level 4-2
    • Level 4-3
    • Level 4-2
    • Level 4-5
  • Added Level Objectives: The following items are added to your Score upon completing a level
    • Surviving Satellites: The Energy cost of Satellites that made it from start to finish is added to your score
    • Planet HP: The Planet's HP is added to your score
    • Surplus Energy: In later levels, Energy you collect is added to your score
  • 3 Star Scoring System: Each Campaign level has Score thresholds for you to reach
  • Local Scores: Your high-score for each level is recoreded and displayed in the Campaign Menu
  • Added "Load Recent" option to Main Menu to quickly load the last game type / level you were playing
  • Reduced the length of time Game Saved & Game Loaded messages remain on-screen

Look forward to another update next week!


Orbit: Satellite Defense 0.4.4 ZIP 25 MB
Feb 13, 2018

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