Early v0.4.2 Update!

Done slightly ahead of schedule; the latest Build of OSD is live NOW along with a brand-new game mode! It's accessible right from the main menu, and I hope you give Warp Mode (called "Range Limit" in-game) a try! This new mode was inspired by feedback from players on Steam. Don't forget, you can submit feedback about the game using the Google Form linked at the end of the post.

v0.4.2 Release Notes:

  • Added Warp Mode:
    • Satellites can warp instantly between Slots, but have reduced range
    • Enemies move at 50% speed
  • New Score Screen: Fancier conclusion to beating a level
    • Added button to replay current level
    • Added button to move on to next level
    • Laid groundwork for Level Objectives
  • Menu buttons no longer glow when they cannot be selected (if another menu must be closed first)
  • Added tool-tips to non-Menu Buttons
  • Added Hotkeys to Manual:
    • "T" - Toggle Tooltip
    • "H" - Toggle Satellite Health indicators
    • "F4" - Toggle Fullscreen
  • Bug Fix: Satellites seem to have infinite range when a file is loaded
  • Bug Fix: Overshield percentage not displayed over the Planet's Health when the game begins

Look forward to another update next week!

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