Score Obsessed v0.4.6

If you're as obsessed with scores and statistics as I am, you'll love the new tweaks in Orbit: Satellite Defense this week. You can now see your cumulative score for each world of the Campaign tallied on its sub-menu, and your score for the full Campaign shown on its respective menu. Plus, you get a nice Completion star for every Campaign world in which you've earned all 15 Stars. Also, at long last, you can now see your local high-score for each of the Endless Modes!

v0.4.6 Release Notes:

  • Campaign Scores are now tallied per world and displayed on the Campaign sub-menu
  • Completion Stars have been added to the Campaign sub-menu to indicate when you have earned a 3 Star rating on every Level for that World
  • The Campaign Sub-Menu now displays your cumulative Campaign Score and total Stars
  • Endless Modes now display the highest Score you reached and the furthest Wave you made it to
  • Fixed Game load Errors:
    • Cavitation Bubbles went the wrong direction when they were targeting the Planet
    • Enemies who were in Retreat state would continue moving towards the planet and pass through it
  • Fixed Highscore screen displaying Congratulations message even if player had failed the level

Look forward to another update next week!


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Feb 27, 2018

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