If the last couple updates have seemed a little sparse, it's because I've been working to implement a LOT of new features into Orbit: Satellite Defense, and this week they're all ready to go live AT ONCE! Now that I've delivered on all the Early Access goals for Orbit: Satellite Defense, I can announce that the 1.0 version of the game will launch March 26th, 2018! It'll mostly be bug-fixes and polish from this point on unless I get any suggestions for what you'd like to see in the game, so get in touch! Now is your best chance to grab Orbit: Satellite Defense at it's discounted Early Access price before the 1.0 launch of the game.

v0.5 Release Notes:

  • Campaign World 5
    • 5 New Levels to Play!
  • Added Challenge Modes:
    • Nightmare: Defend HADES from an influx of Shades
    • Bombs Away: Deploy Magnetic Mines to blast foes away
    • Unstable: The planet JADE is experiencing damaging tremors
  • Added Steam Leaderboards: Accessed from Play Button
    • Campaign Score Total
    • Endless Mode Score Total
    • Challenge Mode Score Total
  • Added Asteroids:
    • Smashes through Satellites and keeps going
    • Destroys the Planet in one hit
  • Overshield: Now grows in size and bounces back all enemies it hits
  • Created Endless Mode Sub-Menu to tidy up primary Play Menu
  • Satellite Decommissioning:
    • Increased Detonation distance to 80 (from 64) for all Satellites
    • Increased Detonation distance to 96 (from 64) for the Magnetic Mine
    • Satellites in the process of being Decommissioned no longer count:
      • Toward number of available slots (which would prevent you from building a new Satellite even though you had a free slot)
      • Toward "having a Satellite" in a "limited" mode
  • Fixed:
    • Highscore Star padding
    • Loading a file with a Decommissioned Satellite
    • Upon losing a level, players will return to the appropriate menu if they wish to try again


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Mar 06, 2018

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