• 10mg Stroke, now available: Stroke has been polished, and is now available on Itchio and Steam as part of the 10mg Collection.
  • Warning: This game contains discussions of mortality, suffering, blood, and hospitalization. Player discretion is advised.
  • Play-Time: 5 - 7 Minutes depending on choices
    • If you alternate which choices you make, 2 play-throughs will be enough to see all unique dialogue in the game.


  • Move / alternate dialogue options: WASD / Arrow Keys
    • You'll know you're about to have a choice in the narrative with
      particularly tall text-boxes where your cursor is on the left; use the directional input to switch between choices.
  • Talk: Space
  • Mute / Unmute Audio: M key

Additional Info

  • Made for the GMTK Jam 2020
  • Music by Brother Android from the Album "In Death a Dream of Color", Track: Holy Fear & Self-Loathing (used with permission).
  • This was an experiment in creating an entirely narrative experience, unlike my other games where I tend to emphasize game-play.
    • This is a story based on real events in my life.
    • Total time spent on this project; 18 Hours

Development log


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this was a great game, did it have aspects from the novel a fault in our stars by  John Green.


Thank you! I’ve never read A Fault in Our Stars, so I couldn’t say. The events of this game are based on events from my life.


Hey, I made a video that featured your game


that music it's so... immersive


Loved this game! Brilliant narrative that creates an immersive experience whether one is emotionally invested or playing in an objective manner.

It would make a good training type game for those who do social or volunteer work.


Hey. I just played your game, and I love it. I think that the story and the experience are interesting. I made a video about how I played it.

I’m working on improving my English. This language isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Thank you for sharing your play-through of the game. It seems like the audio was pitched up, especially at the end. Was that intentionally done so that YouTube wouldn't flag the audio used in the game?

No. I do not monetize my videos, so it would not be the problem. I made it high because I felt that my voice is too low, and even I could not hear myself. In the end, I just made it faster because I was talking too long.  I am sorry. If you do not like it, I can edit or delete the video.


No need to change this one! But in future, Consider letting your real voice be heard, especially since that’s what people will hear if you’re streaming. If you’re having trouble hearing your voice, try to adjust the other audio to compensate; don’t be surprised if you need to reduce other audio below 20%, also, try to project your voice with a little extra energy if you can manage it, just make sure you use something to prevent your microphone from peaking


Thank you. I will try it. I am doing this youtube channel as a hobby. I hope to improve myself as much as possible because I think it is an excellent way to go. I am a fulltime student and have a job to do. This youtube channel and making video games is what I enjoy in my free time.
Therefore, I want to thank you for your tips. I hope you will see me at least twice better, and I will see your games many times better in the future. 




Really good.


Very good


very well executed


Very good game!:)


Good job! It would be nice if pressing the space bar finished the text line for fast readers.

Thank you! After the Jam voting period is over and I am allowed to edit my submission, I will fix this.


Glad to see a narrative experience within the submissions! Music and visuals fit quite well.