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Test your swordsmanship to clear the temple of all unwanted Skeletons; Post your best time in the Comments!

>Press Escape to Pause  to adjust game settings<



  • Move: Left + Right / A + D
  • Crouch: Down / S
  • Jump: Space / UP / W / Z
  • Attack: Shift / X
    • Jump + Attack
    • Crouch + Attack
  • Pause: Escape

Gamepad (Requires FireFox)

  • Move: Left Joystick / D-Pad
  • Crouch: Down
  • Jump: Gamepad South (A)
  • Attack: Gamepad East (B)
    • Jump + Attack
    • Crouch + Attack
  • Pause: Start

Pause Menu Options

  • SFX / Music Volume: Adjust Volume from 0 - 100%
  • Camera Shake: Enable / Disable
  • Prefer / Ignore Gamepad


Music by Mark Sparling used with permission: Daily August 27 2019 #1137 (LSDJ) | Mark Sparling


  • Health Pickups give you ALL your health back; might be best to save them for when you need them most!
  • Skeletons will block regular attacks, crouch or jump to hit them!
  • Goats bounce too high to be hit with regular attacks, jump to hit them!

Made in 17.5 Hours for TO Jam 2022

Get the Tileset:


  • v0.2
    • Added a Timer; Can you beat the game in <1:30?
    • Fixed the jump at the end to make it possible to back track if you missed something
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Controller, GameMaker, Pixel Art, Retro, Short, Singleplayer

Development log


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I really enjoyed playing this game and am amazed at how much was done within 17.5 hours!  The music, art and design all work really well together.   For me, it felt like just the right amount of difficulty, so I didn't give up and felt a scene of achievement at the end!  

So glad you enjoyed it!


wish there was more its super cool

Thank you! I might end up making a spiritual sequel as part of a future game jam


nice music


Great fun!

Love the design, graphics, and music!

The Pogo Goat kept killing me... XD