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  • Align the the elements in your favor in this turn-based Card Battler
  • Made in 26 hours for the GMTK Game Jam 2022

How to Play:

  • Objective: Play your Cards to attack the Necromancer and his skeleton!
    • You only win by defeating both, but the Necromancer will try to resurrect the Skeleton when possible
  • Cards: You keep your hand between turns and draw up to your Hand Limit
    • Each Card has a Cost to playing it
    • After selecting a Card, you can choose its Target, or press Q / X to pick a different Card
    • Physical Attacks like Stab can only target the enemy “in front” (you can’t target the Necromancer while the Skeleton is alive)
    • Magical Attacks can hit either target
    • Some cards hit all enemies regardless of position
    • When you can’t afford the Mana Cost of any card in your Hand, you must Pass your Turn by pressing Q / X
    • If your turn ends with more cards in your Hand than your Hand Limit allows, you will need to discard any extra cards


  • Move Cursor: WASD / Arrow Keys / Left Joystick
  • Select: Space / Z / Gamepad-South (A)
  • Back: Q / X / Gamepad-East (B)
  • Pause: Escape / P / Start to adjust options;
    • Volume: Change Music / SFX Volume


  • (As of v0.5.4, the following information is actually displayed in-game, but is available here for reference)
  • Physical / Magical Attacks
    • The Skeleton resists 2 points of damage from all Physical attacks
    • The Necromancer resists 2 points of damage from all Magical attacks
  • Aspects: Each turn, the Elemental Aspect die will roll and confer one of the following effects:
    • Water: Increase your Hand limit to 5
    • Earth: Decrease your Hand limit to 3
    • Air: Physical damage Cards deal Magical instead and vice-versa
    • Fire: Cards deal BOTH Physical / Magical damage but you take Damage equal to the Mana Cost of the card
    • Light: When you play a Damage Dealing Card, recover HP equivalent to the Damage listed on the Card
    • Void: Each time a card you play a card, Draw another
  • Enemy Intent: You can see what each for is planning to do and adjust your strategy accordingly
    • The Necromancer can Raise the Skeleton, Buff it to double its attack, or hit the player with a Magical attack


Post-Jam Updates:
  • Quality of Life
    • Description Field: When you've selected a Card, you can see information about;
      • Exactly how much damage it will do to each target
      • Information about Enemy Intent
      • Description of the Current Aspect
    • Dynamic Card Descriptions: Cards change their values depending on the current Aspect (Fire will warn you that you take damage, Light will tell you how much healing you get, etc.)
    • Aspect Card Icons: Aspect Icons have been added to card descriptions
    • Card Artwork: All cards now have unique artwork in their header graphic to help tell cards apart
    • Animations: More attacks have unique art / animations
  • Game Balance
    • The Elemental Aspect no longer change randomly each turn
    • You now draw up to your Hand Limit each turn (instead of 1 / 2 cards per
    • Cards:
      • Cards no longer set the Aspect "next turn"; they set it immediately
      • Decreased Card Mana Costs
      • Combined cards with only 1 effect to make more cards with multiple effects
      • Adjusted Deck Composition
      • Added "Deluge" card for some light magic damage that also sets the Aspect to Water and draws back up to your Hand Limit
    • Necromancer will no longer force you to Discard your whole hand
  • Bug Fixing
    • Penguin plays damage animation correctly
    • Necromancer buffs Skeleton consistently after summoning it


Dicepect v0.3 Jam Version 18 MB
Dicepect v0.5.4 Post Jam Version 18 MB

Development log


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It freezes.

Can you let me know what caused it to freeze? It used to be that when you killed a Skeleton and ended your turn, it would freeze, but I fixed that.

I think that's how it happened

Thank you, I’ll investigate further


This was super fun to play! The graphics are nice, music fits well. I was able to beat it. Only thing to change is not having the escape key automatically end round lol, I did that many times trying to get out of the game. I was able to beat it after some luck


Super Fun!
I haven't been able to beat it - yet..!  But the game plays so well that it encourages determination to keep trying! 

Love the presentation and the music! I also LOVE the Blue Penguin!!!!