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Here's the speed run highlight from TOJam Streamer SUGS. 3:15 BABY.

Incredible! I almost feel bad about updating the game because I don't want to invalidate his record.


Such a fantastically fun game. Loved the aesthetic

Thank you! I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it. : ) 

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Thoroughly enjoyable and I'm looking forward to new levels.

When first introduced to the sparkly portals in the tutorial world they make sense. You then play through all of world 1 without encountering them.

Level 2-1 they are re-introduced but with the exception that you may get the impression that they are suddenly a bad thing. When I dropped into the portal I had the monster drop on my head. Everything happens very quickly (drop into portal, zap, monster kills and respawn) and I just got the impression that suddenly -  in this world -portals are bad and zap you or something.

Level 2-3  did correct that impression although it took me far too long trying to wall jump up until I finally missed a jump instead of hitting a flame.

The only other thing was the timed platforms could linger 10 milliseconds longer but that's just a personal preference.

Keep up the great work :)


Thanks so much for your feedback! I've already amended world 2-1 to remove the use of portals.
Level 2-3 has actually become 1-2 (woah what!?) so hopefully that will help remind players that portals are (usually) friendly.
I've made a number of changes to the order of levels along with the next batch of 5 levels that will be in the upcoming release, which I'm hoping to have done soon.

As for the Ghost-Blocks, their timing is very much on the quick side, but due to (some anomalous factor!?) they last longer on the EXE than the web build of the game. If you felt like they faded too fast on the Web build, I agree, and will bump up their timing to compensate.


So very welcome!

Just played the EXE and the timing was a lot more forgiving on the disappearing blocks. The one level with 3 blocks you have to ascend only took 2 attempts, not 22 :)

A gentle reminder with the portals works... too much hand holding really shouldn't be required.

Any plans to incorporate  Infinite Descent as a level? Might make an interesting segue but not sure if would ruin the pacing of how levels are currently flowing.

Also I couldn't find a real use for the butterfly freeze bubble. Is that something that will implemented in the future ?


It might be a fun Easter-Egg to discover Infinite Descent as a “secret level” since it is built in the same game project file, I’m just flipping a few constants to switch on export. I’ll have to think about how it would make sense to encounter it.

The butterfly’s bubble stuns enemies and makes fire not hurt you, so it will be more useful on some levels than others. I need to make it affect Ghost Blocks too.


this is such a sick game, im super excited for new levels!! i love how you implemented mechanics so seamlessly and the music is FIRE. nice one! :)

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Thank you, I'm hoping to have another batch of 5 levels done within the week. The awesome music is but 3 tracks selected from over 1300 by Mark Sparling


I loved the game!! The way you introduce new mechanics without needing a tutorial is great. The controls feel a little bit tight, but even so you get used to them in no time. The only problems I had were with the colors. The purple world hurt a little bit and in the first world, the white one it took me some time to realiza that i could go to the opposite side by "exiting" the screen. I was playing the web version and some of the backround is white making me think it was a wall so maybe add an effect similar to the one you put on the teleporters to make it more obvious. 

Waiting for more levels!

Thanks for the feedback! I think I'll restructure the flow of the levels a bit to better hint about how the screen wrapping works. The most important thing I need people to understand is that I never design levels where going off the bottom of the screen kills you... if something is dangerous, you can tell, otherwise, it's a valid path.


Amazing game! Here's the highlight from Twitch TOJam MiniCade 2021!


Absolutely brilliant level design. I love the way you layer your mechanics and then present them in combination. The checkpoint mechanics feel refreshingly generous!

I'm so glad to hear that was your experience! I'm specifically trying to construct challenging levels with an abundance of checkpoints because why not...?

That intention definitely shines through, and instantly sets this apart. Particularly the choice to let you exit the level from any checkpoint - great quality of life feature, and way better than tucking it in a menu option.

It did surprise me a bit that the hold down to enter/exit isn't debounced - so if you keep holding, you keep flip-flopping between the two destinations. Not sure if that's specifically to support some mechanics you have in mind, like trying to catch that critter that only spawns when you enter the level?

That's been a lingering thing of "I know I need to fix this, but maybe it isn't so big of a deal because there are other things I want to do first". I'll get one more batch of levels out, then focus on fixing things like that, and maybe even get saving / loading working (in the EXE version).


Amazing game. Love the visuals and gameplay.

Thanks so much for trying out my game! This recording is incredibly helpful, as it's helped me identify a few levels that need tweaking. I'll be posting a new batch of levels soon!


Love the game! Can't wait for more levels!

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Glad to hear you enjoyed it! I'm live-streaming my development of new levels every weekday (along with playing user-submitted games); BluishGreenProductions - Twitch and I'll probably be adding them in 5 at a time (to complete a new World) along with new music, etc.


Amazing! I love the simplicity of it, and cool mechanics!

Thank you! I've been working on this platform engine for a while, was there mechanic in particular that stood out to you?


The platform that you have to bump to trigger is a cool and challenging mechanic, but my favorite one would have to be the loop mechanic.

Ah yes, I believe you are referring to the "portals"? They're a lot of fun to design with : )

(Sorry for the late response). Yes I think we are thinking of the same mechanic. It's a really nice engine and I'll be on the lookout for any new platformers you make!

I was replaying this, and now I realize what you mean't by portals. I'm not sure if it's the same mechanic used for getting from one side of the map to another, but that's the mechanic I was thinking of. (Also, I was at the stream tonight! I'm pleasedontbetakn999).

Thanks for tuning in! I also realized afterwards that you meant the screen-wrap exemplified in World 1-5

I’m playing GameMaker Community games this week and will probably return to level design on Worlds Within Worlds intermittently if I have a gap in the schedule


nice game

Thank you! I hope you were able to play the version where you could actually access the levels and weren't just stuck on the title screen.