A downloadable game for Windows

There's a Zombie in my Closet! v0.9.3

Made by Ari Lotter and Attila Branyiczky for TO Jam #12. Music by Mark Sparling.


  • Mouse / keyboard:
    • WASD: Move
    • Mouse: Aim
    • Left Click: Attack
    • Right Click: Grab
    • Q: Throw
    • Shift: Dash
  • Controller:
    • Left Stick: Move
    • Right Stick: Aim
    • Right Bumper / R1: Attack
    • Left Bumper / L1: Grab
    • Right Trigger: Throw
    • Left Trigger: Dash
  • Melee + Projectile weapons
  • Different zombie AI types
  • 3 player spawn points, alternating zombie spawn points so every time you play is a new experience
  • Physics objects to manipulate


  • 0.9.3:
    • Added Bathrooms, Kitchen, Living Room
    • Background Music Track
    • Improved Melee weapon hitboxes
  • 0.9.2: Fixed Zombie invulnerability timing
  • 0.9.1: Added Controls screens


There's A Zombie In My Closet! PC v0.9.3 4 MB

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