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I can't even see the tanks onscreen before they destroy my turrets.

Thanks for your feedback! I've actually just updated the web version to add zoom in / out so you can see the tanks at the furthest point when they appear.

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The idea is really fun! It has me thinking of what to do next and try to think ahead where enemies are coming. Maybe it will need a little balancing since once a turret is destroyed and you don't have money it becomes impossible and results in death

Glad you enjoyed it. I do want there to be some more swing in the game. Usually, you can survive with just 2-3 turrets since their Manual Targeting range covers most of the map. But it's a lost cause when you're down to 1 unless you're really lucky.


C&C inspired tower defence that focuses on energy management.

Great idea for this jam. <3

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!


C&C:td is my soft spot <3
clear introduction, simple controls.
the artwork is simple but effective, and it represents what you're going for, altho it could use a bit of love.
the music is a good fit as well.
all and all good job!

Thank you! I wish I knew how to use a 3D program to properly render the buildings and mimic C&C's style, but alas, I had to go with hand-drawn pixel art.


Tough game! I haven't tried using a mouse yet but I was able to save 70 refugees.

Woah, were you playing with a trackpad? That's seriously impressive!

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Yeah, I assume trackpads are the same thing as touchpads. It was my first time playing and I didn't really know what I was doing but then I couldn't beat my score. 😂 I played again with a mouse and saved 240 refugees.


i like this a lot! i love the art style and it really got me trying to beat my best score. fun and engaging, but also really difficult. great game

Thank you! Would you like me to play your game on my stream? Please feel free to join my Discord and I can play the game when you're free to join in Chat