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SpeedRun is a simple, high-score based arcade game. The Faster you go, the more points you get. Stay alive as long as possible.


  • Up: Go Higher
  • Down: Go Lower
  • Right: Speed Up
  • Left: Slow Down
  • Spacebar: Confirm Menu, Strike
  • Escape: Quit
  • F4: Toggle Fullscreen


  • You have a finite amount of Energy which you can deplete to Faster and Higher. You can replenish your Energy by going Slower or Lower.
  • Aim to collect Blue Energy replenishing squares.
  • Avoid spinning Red enemies.

    • Getting hit by enemies knocks you down, get too Low and you'll loose.
  • Press Spacebar to Strike. Striking uses up Energy, so time your Strikes effectively.

    • If you manage to kill an Enemy with your Strike, you will replenish some Energy!
    • If you Strike an Energy square by accident, you will destroy it.


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