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~Because Misery Loves Company~

How to Play:

  • Press any key on the keyboard to Join.
  • Use that key to Jump.
  • Jump from one Cliff to another

Game Modes:

Use the Mouse to click the on-screen arrows and mix-and-match the following parameters:

  • First To: First player to get the set amount of points wins
  • Total Of: All players scores are added together, whoever gets the final point wins
  • Score Of: Points are based on the number of successful jumps you've made
  • Streak Of: Points are based on the number of consecutive jumps you've made
  • Robot's Can / Can't Play: Allow AI scores to be counted or not

Other Information:

  • Too many players will inevitably overlap each other; Every character draws a unique symbol beneath them so you can tell them apart
  • Holding the same key you used to Join will let you Quit as well.
  • If you Quit, your scores aren't lost, so don't worry if you Quit by accident.
  • If you don't press any keys for 2 consecutive character deaths, that character's AI will kick in. AI are denoted by a small antenna above their heads.
  • Pressing an AI's key will turn it back into a Human instantly.
  • Toggle full-screen by clicking the button in the Top-Left
  • Pause by clicking the button in the Top-Right

Mapped Keys exclude:

  • Numberpad (Most laptops don't have separate Number-Pads)
  • Function Keys (F1 - F12) Many laptops now have alternate functions on Function keys (like Apple)
  • Tab, Alt, Command / Windows key (Would likely break the flow of gameplay)

More information

Published2 years ago
Tags2D, 64, cliff, Difficult, GameMaker, impossible, jump, jumping, Multiplayer, player
Player countSingleplayer


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